Doggo Video Campaign

As part of my creative philosophy to keep our creative content product-focused, we created a series of videos that used flowcharts to explain different internet and meme phenomenons. The campaign went viral, resulting in over 115 million views to date, due in large part to the rapid pace of jokes combined with the non-intrusive advertising style. AdAge profiled the campaign, commenting on the uniquely effective advertising style and its overall success.


Doggo Lingo Explained

Description: This is a h*ckin good explanation of all the puppers, doggos, and woofers that are popular in memes. DoggoLingo (aka Doggo-Speak or PupperSpeak) is an internet love language for man's best friend.


Catto Lingo Explained

Description: Doggos aren't the only aninmals with their own language. Kitteh, kitter, and catto are some of the internet names for cats. This chart gives you a thorough explanation of language you might find in popular cat memes. There are many similar themes shared with doggos, but this video is for all the cat lovers out there.


Nope Chart - Internet Names for Spiders

Description: Nopes are those eight legged things that make you say, "nope!" You'll find nopes in a variety of memes, and (like doggos and cattos) there are special internet names used to describe spiders.


Birbs, Sneks, and other Aninmals

Description: Birbs and sneks are some very popular aninmals in internet memes, following closely behind doggos and cattos. Our diagram gives a great explanation of the many names for different types of birbs, sneks, and all other aninmals in the aninmal kingdom.


Fortnite Explained in 60 Seconds

Description: Fortnite is gaining popularity as a free online video game, but a lot of people still need an explanation to help understand what it is. This diagram explains Fortnite in just 60 seconds to get you acquainted with the internet sensation.

Star Wars Relationships Explained

Description: Star Wars involves several relationships, so we diagrammed them out in a chart—along with some essential prequel memes and sequel memes. There are ten Star Wars movies as of right now, and it's starting to get difficult to keep track of who's who and all the different backstories. Our video explains and summarizes all of Star Wars, with some vital shoutouts to some of the most popular prequel and sequel memes out there.