Lucidchart for iPhone and iPad

Description: A 60-second spot announcing Lucidchart's new app for iPhone and iPad.


Lucidchart In 90 Seconds

Description: A 90-second overview of Lucidchart made to be showcased on the home page.


The Songtacular Flowdown Overview

Description: A campaign overview video that explains the conception, execution, and results of our "Songtacular Flowdown" marketing campaign. 


How Pearson Uses Lucidchart

Description: A case study video highlighting how Pearson Education utilizes Lucidchart.


Google Apps and Lucidchart

Description: A 2-minute overview of how Lucidchart seamlessly integrates with Google Apps.

White Board Capture (Concept Feature)

Description: A conceptual look at how Lucidchart's proposed white board capture feature would work.


Lucidchart & Atlassian

Description: A 90-second overview of how Lucidchart integrates with Atlassian Confluence, Jira, and Hipchat apps.